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Goldenice: an Innovative bookcase system made by Busnelli with HI-MACS® material

Goldenice is an extraordinary and innovative bookcase system made by Busnelli using the New Generation Acrylic Stone, HI-MACS®, which is an equally extraordinary and innovative material. A bookcase system that is one of a kind across the world, affording the utmost versatility and absolute modularity thanks to the innovative design of Bruno Fattorini & Partners and to the sophisticated construction technology of its manufacturer, Busnelli. Goldenice consists of a set of curved shelves, of varying lengths, which slot into one another and are fastened by an innovative and sophisticated rack and pinion system. The production of Goldenice was possible thanks to HI-MACS®, whose resistance, "soft" rigidity, and ease of manufacture made it possible to accommodate the designer's requirements. HI-MACS® can easily be thermoformed, it is resistant to stains and abrasion, and can be repaired and sanded at any time. HI-MACS® website Busnelli website Bruno Fattorini & Partners website
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