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Furniture From Greece at Salone internazionale del mobile: il Design chiama!

What should someone expect after the great participation of “Furniture from Greece” in imm Cologne? A greater one, of course! After the undoubtedly successful presentation in Germany, “Furniture from Greece” continues even more dynamically and goes one step beyond; this time the Greek mission takes part at the largest fest for the design and decoration, the international fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

Cretan Spirit by Candia Strom

From the 17th to 22nd of April, Greek design –under the brands Candia Strom, De-code, Elite Strom, Lattas and Papadatos - will travel there where the foundation of design was laid, not just in order to admire the ideas and products of the most talented designers in the world, but for the very first time, to become an integral part of the fair.

Triangle by De-Code

Wit by Elite Strom

Feel by Papadatos

Greek designers having been inspired by the nature, the elements and raw materials that their country provides with such generosity as well as the centuries of culture that carry in their DNA, have created products with character; products which make words such “quality” and “authenticity” not sounding so banal as they used to and acquiring again the sense of superior values and standards.

Okto by Lattas

Argalios by De-Code

Adele by Candia Strom

Design is a concept, a way of thinking and living; “Furniture from Greece” plans to proving that is fully aware of this multi-dimensional term and has made the most of it! Whoever visits this year’s Salone del Mobile will understand the reasons why Greek furniture has all that is takes to be considered as prestigious and upscale.

Sense woodchip by Papadatos

Strovilos by Lattas

Salone Internazionale del Mobile 17th-22nd of April, 2012 Pavilion 18: Candia Strom (E11), Elite Strom (E09) Pavilion 12: De-code (B04), Lattas (B04), Papadatos (A03) Further information at Furniture From Greece website
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