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Crespo table AL-352 has been declared best camping table by the Holland magazine KCK

The prestigious camping Dutch magazine, KCK, chooses the table AL-352 of Spanish company Crespo, as the best camping table on the market, based on the following criteria: vulnerability, humidity resistance, assembling and folding the table, and the use. Most of us have gone on camping, beach or country many years, and we know the importance of having a good folding table. Also we know it should be stable, light and collapsible, easily collapsible. ¿What characteristics make a collapsible table be exceptional? What should be check before we decide on one table among the many of them available in the market? To help us decide, the prestigious magazine Holland KCK looked into which is the best and the reasons for this. Impact resistance tests were carried out, which involved dropping an iron ball onto the table top and a hot saucepan was placed on the surface to test for heat resistance. Water resistance was tested by leaving the table out in the open for 12 days and nights during the extremely wet month of November. Furthermore, the folding and assembling have to be easy and without risk of pinching the fingers, it must support a reasonable weight and of course, we have to sit down around and verify its comfort and stability in use. Based on these criteria, KCK made a test with 14 camping tables available on the market and analyses the following aspects: vulnerability, humidity resistance, assembling and folding the table, and the use. In conclusion, the table AL/352 of Crespo has been declared the best camping table on the market. Crespo table AL/352 has obtained the most highest scores in each tests. In addition the magazine emphasized the easy assembly and the efficacy of their adjustable legs, very appropriate to avoid lameness on irregular surfaces. Source: Crespo Read more news related Crespo published at Infurma Visit the Crespo website Visit the Crespo sheet at Infurma
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