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Crespo, Spanish company consolidated in Germany, is again a successful at Berger show

Crespo has consolidated its position year after year  on the German market, becoming one of the favorites brands of this country campers for its design, quality and resistance. For this reason, each autumn they assist to several fairs in Germany, first one was in Berger’s house in Neumarkt, their friend and customer, where armchairs Compact were the star of the event. This edition has surprised with a 20% more of exhibitors and a generous flow of visitors which were very interested in testing, asking and discussing. The star in Crespo stand was the armchair collection: Compact, showcased as a novelty for next season and with a fantastic acceptance. Its main feature is its height adjustable headrest, which provides three advantages regarding the traditional armchairs. 1-      When regulating the upper part of the backrest, it adapts individually to the height of each person. 2-      Folding is optimized having 16cm less of height. 3-      Moreover, the own design of the headrest provides a better cervical rest.  Deluxe collection, with its quilted for outdoors, launched last season, was commented very positively, which is encouraging after its success during all season. Every year a gala evening is held, where the managers have the opportunity to share perspectives, sales, development, and new projects.  They take the opportunity to present the awards to the customers with a better volume of sales in national and international space. This time, this charming evening took place in a medieval castle, it was enlivened by saxophonists, the food was excellent a company even more. Source: Crespo Read more news related Crespo published at Infurma Visit the Crespo sheet at Infurma Visit the Crespo website
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