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Crespo displays its outdoor furniture novelties at Movera infoshow in Germany

It seems that it has always been there, but it also began little by little… This year Movera’s infoshow turns 25 years old! . The Spanish company of camping, beach and garden furniture, Crespo is a faithful participant in this German fair and it exhibited all its novelties. A bright idea materialized in 1992, the year the first Movera fair in Bad Waldsee with 10 exhibitors and 18 distributors was organized. Over the years it developped into a “must attend” event for all the camping and caravaning professionals that want to know or show the novelties and market trends. In this 25th edition that has taken place on the 8th and 9th of December 2015. About 300 distributors and 100 suppliers participated together with 25 journalists who have reported the event (Overall approximately 1300 people from 24 countries). Crespo is a faithful participant in this fair and it exhibited all its novelties, which enjoyed an excellent reception. The new Air Deluxe 3D camping armchair collection, with an upholstery that combines three layers to achieve an excellent breathability and ventilation, furthermore its touch, comfort and aspect have been very appreciated. What is more, it also offers the Air Deluxe 3D cover to transform your chair into a comfortable padded armchair, but easy to clean and dry at the same time. Foot rests evolve towards a more ergonomic design and they can be used as independent stools. You save space with the foot rests and can also turn your armchairs into comfortable chaise longues. The new folding tables with Sevelit boards incorporate the new quick leg fixing system and self-leveling leg tips to achieve a horizontal position whatever the terrain with total stability. They can be height regulated from 53 to 75 cm adapting the table to the height of your chairs. The infoshow increased participation regarding other years, in part by the expectation created by the anniversary and also by the warm temperatures and the absence of snow. In an atmosphere of confidence and optimism about the challenges that we will face in 2016, the event concluded with a charming soirée flavored with an exquisite buffet dinner and a fantastic spectacle from Hamburg. Movera already has dates for next year and Crespo will be there on the 13th and 14th of  December in the Messe Friedrichshafen. Source: Crespo Read more news related Crespo published at Infurma Visit the Crespo sheet at Infurma Visit the Crespo website
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