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Canella Furniture diversifies its markets with the new line of furniture, Audere

The Furniture manufacturer Canella presents its new line of furniture, Audere by Canella, at I Saloni. With this new collection, the Valencian brand aims to reach younger audience for the first time in its history, at the same time consolidating itself in the international market where it exists for a long time, such as Asia, Russia and Eastern European countries, that represent over 80% of its turnover. After more than two years of investigation, the company located in Picassent, launches this new young collection. During the last decades, Canella has been characterized by the sumptuous, luxurious and high quality of their furniture, according to the requirements of its main markets. In 2013, the innovation reaches to the product, where the first fruit of their investigation is the Audere collection; the future of the brand. Audere pretends to aim at a younger target audience rather than a traditional client. On the other side it aims to access new markets to diversify and reposition the company with the new line of furniture. Being very well established in Eastern Europe, according to the words of Juan Manuel Baixauli, the CEO of Canella Furniture. Audere by Canella, the fresh luxury for a younger audience The new collection of Canella maintains the quality and design of a high-end product that characterizes the firm.  Audere by Canella is aimed to a younger audience that seeks for sumptuous furniture with presence but combining it with some fresh air. Audere by Canella advert making of video

With finishes in Sapele, Khaya palm, lacquere, Pomele and bleached Sycamore, Audere also incorporates Blumotion electronic hardwares, that allow automatic door opening as well as with remote control,  making it extremely user friendly. As for the design of the new line, the valencian company was supported by Jordi Vidal Associates, partner of the leading manufacturers of high end furniture, with a very long experience in the sector. Canella Furniture will present its new and young collection “Audere” at a singular event with wines and cava form the Valencian region Utiel-Requena. The official presentation will take place next Wednesday the 10th of April at I Saloni in Milan, where the firm will release the information about its new line to its clients, professionals and media. With the collaboration of “Ruta del Vino D.O Utiel-Requena”, Canella fusions in one event two Valencian most international products: valencian furniture and wines. Source: Canella Furniture Read more news related Canella Furniture published in Infurma Visit the Canella Furniture website Visit the Audere by Canella website Visit the Muebles Canella sheet at Infurma
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