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Cancio company incorporates the clarified beech in its collections. The new fashion finish

The clarified beech is a new finish that is manufactured using a special dye to remove the reddish hue so characteristic of European beech. The result is a wood with natural and warm aesthetic which allows to combine it with other materials and colors. Cancio has chosen this finish in two of its new models of chair, in Fantasy, the clarified beech framework is combined with an unibody seat in colored polycarbonate, creating a very attractive and combinable option with any furnishing. In the Eclipse model, the same clarified beech framework is combined with a plywood seat and lacquered in different colors. One of the combinations most demanded is the clarified beech with white, both in the Eclipse chair and in the Fusion table, the table model in which Cancio incorporated this new finish. Source: Cancio Visit the Cancio website
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