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Bring your creativity to life with Chevillote… Create your own billiard table!

CHEVILLOTTE has symbolised meticulousness and perfection worldwide in the manufacture of billiard tables since 1860. The company’s know-how is just as much demonstrated when restoring antique pool tables as when designing and producing billiard tables for the consumer market or for competitions.

Initially, the company made its reputation in competition – to this day, its models are frequently chosen for major international competitions -, before turning to the consumer market which nowadays represents the mainstay of its business. Driven by the search for performance and aesthetics, CHEVILLOTTE nurtures values like innovation and boldness while maintaining the excellence of its craftsmanship. All manufacturing takes place in France and includes a rigorous selection of the noblest materials.

At CHEVILLOTTE’s, every product is unique: on the basis of a wide range of models in antique, classic, contemporary or designer styles, CHEVILLOTTE provides for all sizes and all kinds of games: carambole, American pool, 8 pool, snooker, Russian pyramid, as well as an amazing variety of finishes and options:

  • Over 50 species and shades of solid timber or veneer, including 13 species of precious wood
  • A choice of 150 colours in satin-finished hues and lacquer (RAL) that come in glossy, matt, metallised or decorative lacquer finishes
  • Antique or decorative sheens, as well as reproductions of hues and sheens on the basis of a sample
  • Full-grain leather sheathing
  • The most contemporary materials are not forgotten: steel, anodised aluminium (coloured or not), carbon fibre and more

The billiard table configurator on gives the possibility to anyone to get a glimpse of the billiard table of their dreams. And as a unique finishing touch, customers have a wide range of options: their own choice of colour for the mat, escutcheons, customised markings, marquetry on some models etc.
Should this host of possibilities be insufficient, the CHEVILLOTTE workshop is in a position to reproduce or to design bespoke projects, on the basis of a simple sketch.

CHEVILLOTTE has recently come up with an Entertainment Room concept. This involves the comprehensive layout of full-fledged games rooms, designed on the basis of specific requests from each customer and including billiard tables, floor carpets, supports, lighting, woodwork, bar, multigame casino tables, jukebox, pinball, table football and more.

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