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Baixmoduls presents a new free application for customize sliding doors wardrobes

The wardrobe application has been created  for distinguish and customization  the particular ambient, in this way the Spanish furniture company, Baixmoduls, offer  a large range of possibilities like color and tendencies changes for the Sliding door wardrobe. With the Baixmoduls wardrobe application, now you can play with all the finisher’s details, modify the panel colors or her internal structure or sliding doors design. As well as the elegance and trendiness that recognize Baixmoduls designs, its brand’s originality is also present with the new technologies and all kind of virtual tools at  public and friends  disposition. How work the wardrobe application? In the first application tab , must choose the 4 basic aspects for start the design for your wardrobe.
  1. In this part must choose the base’s color, that you want in the wardrobe’s design. You can, also combine the different kind of color-scheme and create a large range of compositions
  2. Possibility of choose the internal  parts of  wardrobe combination
  3. You are required to specify  the width measures. Like this way, you can adapt  the wardrobe on size
  4. Here you must put the height measures
Pre define wardrobe internal  part The second tab is for choose the internal part that we can place in each whole. These part is changeable and depends of the width  that we have chosen. The Esenzia collection has been created some standard design  for the internal composition, that corresponds at 90% of the most used designs, so you will choose the best option for your needs. This process is easily and simple. You can also choose your own combination and choose the articles included in the price list like iron parts, etc Wardrobe sliding door On the third tab you can choose the door. On this point, you can choose between different doors designs,  colors of front parts or other details and make yourself your own combination. This application allow choose the design, color and materials that make the sliding doors wardrobe mechanism, he offer to the possibility of put together materials and chromatic details in each door. The possibility of make an only model with the same color in each door is also possible, thanks to the liberty and infinities designs that ESENZIA offer. Depends on the aesthetic opinion  from the  users , the application provide the possibility to make a wardrobe  that pleased all kind of different options and  help to build a beauty and elegance space. Wardrobe sliding doors prices The possibility of  make your own design and obtains in real time the Price is a new proposition in Spain and  Europe. The final Price is composed by the prices from inside parts, wardrobe doors and also the height, width measures and hollow parts. The fact that the user can know the prices for the wardrobe with sliding doors on time that he want buy it is a one quality that give comfort  and also  allow adapt the election at the budget for obtains the quality wardrobe. Design the wardrobe depending on your own economy The possibility for modify continuously the design characteristics like width or colors and also adapt them at the economical possibilities on real time confirm our own way for give the best option possible.  Our goal is offer at each one the possibility to enjoy with one of ours wardrobe. We have invented this application for make more easy and economical the decision to have one of our wardrobe. Unique and free application This application is free , he has been made with the latest in technology, and thanks at her good design we can made wardrobe on measure customized.

This Application has been programed on HTML 5, so he can work on tablet, Ipad, Iphone,  and  Android also PC and Mac.

This application has been registered for save the intellectual right from their authors.

Source: Baixmoduls

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Visit the Baixmoduls wardrobe application website

Visit the Baixmoduls website

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