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AEMA publishes the winners for the XXVIII Edition of Macael Awards, which will celebrate the next 21 of November

The Businessmen Association Marble of Andalucía has presented the winners for this new edition of Macael Awards, which were created in 1985 to recognize professionals in the field of architecture, craft and design nationally and internationally. Also to the people, institutions and media who have done performances in benefit of this sector and region.

International Award for Europe

Its President Antonio Martínez Martínez has explained that “the winning projects are an actual reality of the area: a strong international character as a strategy to expand markets and increase the number of employment, an example of that is Institution Award for the Marble Institute of America (MIA).

Institution Award

Institution Award: Marble Institute of America (MIA) The Jury gives the Institution Award for the Marble Institute of America (MIA) situated in Pennsylvania (USA) and the president is Mr. TONY MALISANI, for the future agreement of collaboration between our association and MIA, to develop joint works such as positioning of Macael and our marbles in the American market, support to the Spanish companies in their commercial relations and promotion in the American continent and improve the business opportunities for our companies. The President has explained that that the slogan this year is “Naturally Macael”; -“If you think in design with stone, you need to think in Macael because we have in our mountains the best natural product in the world: our marbles, yellow, white and grey. So, we have International Award for Africa and National Award. Both of them has the beauty and versatility of the Macael marble".

International Award for Africa

International Award for Africa: APARTMENT COMPLEX AND OFFICE LE YACHT. Casablanca (Marruecos) The jury gives the International Award for Africa to the APARTMENT COMPLEX AND OFFICE LE YACHT located in Casablanca, comprising 130 apartments and 70 offices, whose construction has been used 36,000 square meters in Macael White Marble flooring, cladding and staircases, complemented with black granite countertops and walls, achieving a set full of harmony and elegance.

National Award

National Award

National Award: Buildings Pitágoras and Fundación Tecnova. Almería The jury gives the National Award to the buildings PITAGORAS and FUNDACION TECNOVA, promoted by Parque Científico Tecnológico de Almería (PITA) and the Architect was Jose Angel Ferrer. Both buildings has Macael White Marble flooring and a novel technique has been applied in glass facades with strips of the same material that gives the buildings a unique and original exterior appearance, which in turn uses the features and brightness of our marble. -“If you think in projects with other natural Stones, you need to think in Macael because we have the best workers and the best facilities to do a reality the dreams and the projects of the professionals, for example the  International Award for North America and the International Award for Europe”.

International Award for North America

International Award for North America: Different religious projects in natural stone The jury gives the International Award for North America for different religious projects in natural stone. 1. CHAPEL OF ORU LADY OF THE MOST HOLY TRINITY. SANTA PAULA.CALIFORNIA 2. CATEDRAL DE ST. STEPHEN. OWENSBORO. KENTUCKY. 3. HOLY FAMILY CHAPEL. DARIEN. ILLINOIS 4. ST.KILIAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. MISSION VIEJO. CALIFORNIA In all the projects have been used the natural stone in the important elements like an Altar, Baptismal Font, railing, pulpit and other decorative details, with high design and finishes that contribute to enhance the beauty of these temples. International Award for Europe: family housing stair: Budapest (Hungría) - Upper image The jury gives The International Award for Europe to the family housing stair, which was built in Budapest. In the construction of the stair, has been used material called Onyx Honey complex technique known as "bookmatch" allowing continuity in both graining steps, edging and pavement, which prevents breakage of intermediate pieces having applied. Given the characteristics of this stone is perfectly complemented with artificial lighting, a spectacular and majestic result is achieved in the five floors of the house. -“If you think in visit a zone where there is an industry and tourism, you need to visit Macael. Communication Award”.

Communication Award

Communication Award: Babieka Films (production Company) The jury gives the Communication Award to BABIEKA FILMS (Production Company) situated in Madrid by choosing our quarries, for shooting outdoor scenes for the film "EXODUS" whose premiere is scheduled for the month of December, helping to promote tourism in the region and the promotion of our marbles. - “If you think in a project with a different material like an ultracompact surfaces, you need to think in Macael because we have the largest worldwide manufacturer of quartz surfaces: Silestone®, International Award for Latin America and the ultracompact surface Dekton®, National Award”.

International Award for Latin America

International Award for Latin America: Residential Alvear Puerto Madero Hotel & Residences. Buenos Aires (Argentina) The jury gives the International Award for Latin America to the RESIDENTIAL ALVEAR PUERTO MADERO HOTEL & RESIDENCES, which was built in Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires. The project combines hotel and a group of residences with high qualities  and all the kitchens have Silestone which contributes to enhance the quality of buildings.

Design Award

Design Award: Dani García Restaurant. Marbella The jury gives the Design Award to Dani García Restaurant situated in Marbella, which has mixed imagination and fantasy in every place of the restaurant. The kitchen design fulfills the desire of the developer to make it "light" restaurant, contrasting perfectly with the rest of the room, and it was built with the material "Dekton", ideal for this type of establishments.

Internacional Award for Asia

Internacional Award for Asia: Family Housing. Dubai (EAU) The jury gives the International Award for Asia, to the family housing built in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. The exterior and interior of the housing has different marbles such as Crema Nacar, Amarillo Macael, Crema Parador and Sierra Elvira, in different sizes. The marble is integrated in sinks and bathtubs, mosaics, bas-reliefs and cladding in different rooms, baths and kitchens, with spectacular results, high quality and comfort. Source: Businessmen Association Marble of Andalucía Read more news related Macael published at Infurma
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