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AEMA presents the winners of the XXIX Edition of the Macael Awards, promoting the marble industry

The most important event of the stone sector in Andalucía with an international promotion, the “Macael Awards” will celebrate its twenty-ninth edition the 6 of November. A high number of works have been presented in different categories by the companies "demonstrate the growing success of the internationalization of companies in the marble sector" explains the President of AEMA, Antonio Sanchez Tapia. The president of AEMA says about each winners: INSTITUTION AWARD: AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS (ASID) The collaboration with decorators from North America (a country like a continent) as prescribers of our materials and our companies, given our ability to develop project and it will allow that our companies achieve success in this market. COMMUNICATION AWARD: DAVID BISBAL FERRE We aim to get the Protected Geographical Identification for products manufactured in Almería because they will differentiate from other markets, for the characteristics that make them different, where tradition, knowledge and know-how are our first premise.  It allows us to use the symbols of our province to communicate our origin, our knowledge, and our materials and in my opinion, David Bisbal is the clearest representative of Almería over the world. INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR NORTH AMERICA: HEADQUARTERS PRUDENTIAL NEWARK The White Macael is consolidated in the US market with an impressive building, using a lot of this material, and becoming in one of the best defenses of our white marble in that market for the future. INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR LATIN AMERICA: RESIDENTIAL TORRE ANACANOA. SANTO DOMINGO The White Macael shows how important is for us our material and again reveals one of the most luxurious buildings in Santo Domingo, which shows the great value of the white marble chosen by the most prestigious architects in the world. INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR ASIA: HOTEL CARLTON. SINGAPUR Once again Silestone is present in international markets such as Singapore (Asia), used to reform a historic hotel, highlighting the choice of new materials like this. INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR AFRICA: UNIVERSITY OF ALGIERS. ALGERIA Using our materials and companies in the projects is one of the great values of our region. This is a clear example of a project about a new infrastructure of Algeria which have made by our companies. INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR EUROPE: SHOWROOM MOSCU. RUSIA The use of new technologies applied to the stone makes the possibilities endless, as in this project, with the use of WATER JET technology for the realization of it. A total area of 125 m2 of pavement have needed more than 11,000 linear meters of water jet cutting pressure. A great example of know-how of the companies in the region. NATIONAL AWARD: HEADQUARTERS GRUPO CAJAMAR The use of new materials such as Dekton makes us be at the forefront in this case, with ultra-compact surfaces, high performance for an equally avant-garde building. DESIGN / CRAFTS AWARD: FAMILY MAUSOLEUM IN VILA-REAL. CASTELLON The funerary art has historically been one of the major niches of the marble sector. The realization of this work shows that it is still a very important work for our companies such as this impressive monument in white’s marbles. Source: Businessmen Association Marble of Andalucía Read more news related Macael published at Infurma
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