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Want to know how we will live in 2050?. The BCN Design Week will reveal some guidelines

By 2050 it is estimated that 74% of the world's population will live in an urban environment. By then, a third of the population will be over 60. The number over 80 years of age will increase by 180 per cent. All in all, by 2050 our way of living will be completely different, and design will be one of the key factors that will allows us to adapt ourselves to new scenarios. The summit "Leading Business Towards 2050", to be held on Wednesday, June 12, as part of the BCN Design Week, will be the meeting point for these issues. Visions of design around key spheres such as Health, Habitat or Consumption to try to foresee what will happen in 2050. One of the objectives is to define the role of design as a contributor to this future. These are some of the challenges we are already facing: an ageing population, crisis of the economic model, scarcity of natural resources like water, change of business models, change of values, sustainable development... The question is: How will society face the changes? Which business models will dominate in the future economy? Does the model of planned obsolescence have an expiration date? What do we need to change now to get there (2050) using design as a driver for change? How will this affect our businesses? In order to find answers to these questions, in the morning session, the Summit leading businesses towards 2050 will provide attendees with the views of experts on how they imagine the future in three main areas: healthcare (how we will take care of ourselves and the healthcare system itself), habitat (how will our houses be, our workplaces, cities, the spaces we will share...) and consumption (everything from food to appliances, devices or services). In the afternoon session, an interactive workshop with speakers and attendees will lead us to picture what the key items and the most relevant questions are, through a collective thinking exercise. Confirmed speakers: - Laura Lee, architect and Professor of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA). - Oscar Peña, Global Creative Director, Product and User Experience Design at Philips Lighting Design. - Lorna Ross, manager of the design group of the Center for Innovation at Mayo Clinic. - Jan Willem Sieburgh, entrepreneur, independent consultant and coach. - Nandu Jubany, chef and Can Jubany's owner. - Andy Goodman, Managing Director de Fjord. Registration opened! Source: BCN Design Week
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