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Verzelloni reinvents the Zoe collection, now with overstitching technique, designed in 2006 by Lievore, Altherr, Molina

2012 new overstitching technique for Zoe seating collection. Used from time immemorial to give an elegant finishing touch to the Casentino (Tuscan) cloth, overstitching is a simple but stylish stitch, used by Verzelloni to border and embellish the edges of ZOE, cult collection of informal yet elegant armchairs, poufs and chaise-longue created in 2006 by the trio of Spanish designers Lievore, Altherr and Molina. Available in the versions with seams “at sight” or with the traditional border, Zoe proposes itself as a way to re-discover the relaxed attitude of the Sixties. Ergonomically variable, due to the internal movement of the expanded polystyrene pearls, Zoe communicates fun without losing in elegance. The covers are completely removable. Overstitching technique can be chosen tone-on-tone or in contrast, in a variety of colours, allowing for innumerable combinations. Framework: It is built with no supporting frame, is shaped by a 100% Twill cotton cover, and made with 5 separate chambers, containing expanded polystyrene pearls. Each chamber is made with a zip equipped with a safety pocket. Coverage: Zoe family is available with different kinds of high quality covers - felt, leather, fabric – in assorted colours. From April 2009 Zoe is delivered with water repellent fabrics, as well as with water repellent fabric cover containing expanded polystyrene pearls. Covers are sewed with special mould resistant yarn. Visit the Verzelloni website Visit the Lievore, Altherr, Molina website
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