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Valencia will host the ‘XL/xs Designed by Architects’ exhibition in February, curated by Ramón Esteve

The Cambra del Espai Rambleta room in Valencia will host the ‘XL/xs Designed  x architects’ exhibition from the 11th of February. It is a show organized by the College of Architects of Valencia and curated by Valencian architect and designer Ramón Esteve whose aim is to explore the relationship between the architect and the design world through different pieces and unique projects. "The architect has always had close ties with the world of design. Under this profession great pieces have been born, due to their unique condition or in order to enhance the conceptual language of architecture. This collaboration with the world of design is still in force today, as part of multidisciplinary teams providing knowledge that complements each other," the organizers of the sample point out. The exhibition will open as part of the celebration at Feria Valencia from the 11th to the 14th of February of the Cevisama, Habitat and Fimma Maderalia, exhibitions where both architecture and design play an essential role. In this sense, 'XL/xs Designed  x architects' will be part of the agenda of 'See You in Valencia 2014', the initiative that brings together the joint holding these exhibitions and events that are taking place in parallel. The architects’ contribution to the design world The sample will collect a selection of products designed by Spanish architects and international professionals working with publishers and producers of our country. In addition, projects will also be exposed by students and young emerging professionals that create a special interest for its innovative potential, of all areas of the architect, from everyday objects, fashion products, construction, graphic design, lighting, etc.. A committee composed of professionals from various fields will be responsible for selecting the pieces. The committee will assess the designs created with attention, care, dedication, desire for progress and technological and non-technological innovation, and therefore those that are worthy of recognition. The exhibition project will be carried out with the special collaboration of the tape art collective, TAV and it has established two categories in which participants can submit their proposals: At first professional architects or firms with an edited product or unedited pieces of special interest, and, in a second category, architecture students with innovative and unique products. Proposals should be sent by email to exposició with the deadline until the 17th of January and on the 23rd of January the Selection Committee will communicate. All information is available through the official website and on Source: Nos Vemos en Valencia Read more news related Nos Vemos en Valencia published at Infurma
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