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Twins, two independents armchairs but with the same DNA. Designed by Mut Design for Expormim

TWINS by Expormim, a pair of armchairs to look like masculine and feminine versions of the same seat. Balance, sobriety and elegance are the key notes that MUT has conducted in his creative process.

TWINS collection consists of two genetically similar armchairs. They were born under the same premises but they each keep their own personality and exclusive features, what makes them perfectly able to work together or separately. They are the result of a single creative process paying special attention to details and the persistent pursuit of comfort by means of a new technical fabric, devised and designed for the occasion. MUT intends to both seduce and strengthen ties between outdoor and indoor spaces. While one looks pleasant and feminine, the other is defined by its blunt masculine presence. These are TWINS, two different seats sharing the same DNA.

With Twins, MUT wants to transmit a feeling of extreme warmth in outdoor spaces by using new and unique technical fabrics that provide versatility. Pieces that captivate because of their charm, beauty, design, and soul.

And the best part, they are designed to be used in public spaces and residential environments. The proportional containment and greater attention to detail allow a greater flexibility, and the possibility of being located both inside and outside. Balance, sobriety and elegance are the key notes that MUT has conducted in his creative process.

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