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Tile and wood carving together in the luxurious cabinet Virtuoso by Malabar design brand

Malabar's tile and wood carving inspirations have met to produce a special new drinks cabinet, Virtuoso. Reflected on the Virtuoso cabinet are iconic floral patterns, traditionally observed in Portuguese-style tiling. Each tile is masterfully carved, revealing underneath a polished plank of ironwood, and matte finished. The silky contrast of the interior, created by the satinwood walls and ironwood drawers, exposes Malabar’s distinctive touch. Virtuoso II is a black lacquer and gold leaf statement piece, ideal for embellishing and bringing out the shine in any corner of a room. The art of the tile expands across borders, while portraying discoveries, journeys and historical episodes of a nation. Over the centuries, it was understood not only as decorative art, but as a way of representing a national icon Source: Malabar Read more news related Malabar published at Infurma Visit the Malabar website
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