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Three Best Product Design Awards received at the Dubai Interior Office Exhibition Design Competition

The International Designers Association (IIDA) awarded three prizes to Andreu World for the best product design in the “Interior Office Exhibition Design Competition" held in the framework of the exhibition "Hotel Show 2012". The Hotel Show is one of the most important professional forums of the high-level furniture sector in the Middle East, which was held from May 15th through the 17th to more than 15,000 visitors and 420 exhibitors at the World Trade Center in Dubai. The Sail chair designed by Piergiorgio & Michele Cazzaniga has been recognized with two awards. The first was the "Best of Competition" 2012 that was awarded to the best product design of the entire event. The jury highlighted that "the combination of high technology thermo-polymer and fiberglass which allows you to adapt its shape to provide maximum user comfort." The second chair, Sail has also been the highest rated in the category of "Stacking Seating Training" for its great versatility and stackability. Moreover, the Woody seating collection, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina has also been awarded the prize "Best of Category / Seating - Guest" in the category of best seating facility. For these three awards, the jury is composed of the leading international professionals and designers that recognized the quality of these two designs of Andreu World. This t highlights the feasibility of our offering of innovative product solutions. The competition is jointly organized by Dubai Hotel Show 2012 and the International Association of Interior Designers (IIDA), which brings together more than 15.00 professionals worldwide. Read more news related Andreu World published at Infurma Visit the Andreu World website Visit the Andreu World sheet at Infurma
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