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The Spanish project design studio, Vermis Project, opens its office in London to make the international jump

Vermis Project is a project design studio which was born in 2011, in Galicia, Spain, after had been awarded as a finalist in the International Fujitsu Design Award 2011. They created a conceptual futuristic laptop, called Vermis which had a very good critic from the general media. Vermis was an insight of the coming years of the next decade, it shows a great variety of possibilities in use and applied technologies, such as cloud computing, holographic projection and adaptative smart material. The studio founders are two Galicians, Enrique Saavedra and Marcos Saavedra who are Product Design Engineer and Product Designer respectively. They have been working in the design and industry fields and along with manufacturing departments of different companies since 2005. Some of them are very well know companies such as: Arturo Alvarez, Hector Serrano Studio, Pull & Bear, The Other Stone Studios and Women’Secret. Vermis Project has two main work lines, one focusing onto offering design and development services to companies, and another aimed to develop their own product line of scientific related and conceptual products, where the latest advances in science and technology play a fundamental role and go hand in hand with design, with the ultimate objective of enhancing people’s everyday life. From the designers’ point of view the human relationships and professional networks are one of the most important values of a dynamic company, hence they offer collaboration to innovative and proactive people from different fields as design, architecture, engineering, science and media. Currently they are working along with professionals from the chemistry and electronic fields. These networks allow them to give a professional coverage of the costumers’ needs, due to interconnected field’s knowledge flow. They are positive about the future and very confident about the path to follow and assure that many things will come up from this project. Source: Vermis Project Visit the Vermis Project website
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