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The nude event opens up to ceramics, bathrooms and wood in its 2016 edition

The show reaches its fourteenth edition and is reasserting its commitment to integrate all of the sectors proposed in Habitat, Cevisama y Fimma – Maderalia into its shop window. Ferial Habitat Valencia launches its fourteenth edition of the nude event, the most relevant platform of the new habitat design which takes place annually in Spain.  In 2016 it will be held from 1 to 5 February, again within the framework of the ‘See you in Valencia’ Initiative that will host the joint celebration in Feria Valencia of the fairs Habitat, Cevisama and Fimma – Maderalia, for the third consecutive year. The consolidation of the commitment that makes up ‘See you in Valencia’ focus on a comprehensive showcase for architecture, interior design and design, is clearly visible in an event like nude Show.  Every year it gathers together young international designers and design schools around new proposals of design for interiors, and has gradually opened itself up to all sectors that make those fairs become a shop window. The next edition of the nude Show will include all product families that professionals will be able to see in Cevisama, Hábitat and Fimma – Maderalia.  That is, furniture and other fittings, lighting, home textiles, bathroom and kitchen equipment, ceramic coverings, locksmithery articles, fittings and ironwork, construction carpentry and joinery, doors, windows, cabinetry, wooden ladders and beams.  An overall vision that will also have its translation into groundbreaking proposals. Generating innovation and creativity The show will have its own its own dedicated space in Feria Hábitat Valencia, and is set up as an innovation and creativity incubator.   In the last thirteen editions, it has featured a significant share of the designers and studios that are now at the forefront of the national and international design landscape. The Show has consolidated its role as an exhibition framework where young international designers and professionals of the interior design world can meet, and an entry way in search of new business opportunities, offering the New Designers the occasion to meet manufacturers and distributors. In the launch of the open call for the 2016 edition of the Show, students, young designers and international young creatives and design schools, may participate, as stated in the rules of the competition, that have already been published.  Additionally, the participation of new producing and publishing companies - less than five years old- as well as galleries submitting projects that are compatible with the spirit and purpose of the Show and its terms and conditions is permitted. Registrations will open ‘on-line’ in October The Nude Show will open the registration period on 1 October next and until the 30 October, participants interested must fill in an advance registration form available on-line in the Nude section of the Feria Website:  Once the inscription is made, the file must be printed including all of the participant’s details and it should be attached to the physical project, that should be submitted by ordinary mail between the 2 and 9 of November at Feria Valencia.  This will be made of a descriptive memory DINA3 foamboard, and a CD including the products images in jpg format. Subsequently and, when all applicants have been checked, a selection committee, comprised of prestigious design professionals, will assess the projects and determine those selected to participate from 9 to 13 February, 2015 in this well-established design platform. Applicants may download the rules of the competition in full, by clicking HERE Source: Feria Valencia Read more news related nude published at Infurma Read more news related Feria Habitat Valencia published at Infurma Read more news related See You in Valencia published at Infurma Visit the Fairs & Events Calendar in Infurma
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