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The new furniture and DIY megastore, Teyoland, will offer the best product and design “Made in Spain”

Teyoland open its first store in May 2013 at Valencia (Spain), in Hall 7 of Feria Valencia, and expects a million visitors a year and sales of 40 million euros. Ignacio Tello, Teyoland CEO, stated in the media presentation, which will create 300 direct jobs. Meanwhile, Francesc Rife, creative director of the brand, has confirmed that 95% of suppliers are Spanish manufacturers. Ignacio Tello, Teyoland CEO, and creative director of the brand, the designer Francesc Rife, presented at a meeting with the media, the innovative business model Teyoland, the new commercial flag retail of furniture, home products, DIY, decorating and garden, which will open next May in Hall 7 of Feria Valencia. Teyoland Valencia is the first of a network of large areas of distribution in which offer together furniture, home, DIY, decor and garden with a range of products suitable for all needs and styles of the market. The main differentiating factor of this new brand is its commitment with the product and design "Made in Spain". The expansion strategy in the future intends to implant one Teyoland store in each Spanish province. Teyoland acts as a potent prescription channel of the manufacturer brand. The manufacturer product is clearly identifiable on the shelf and facilitates the consumer to see who is the manufacturer and where it was manufactured. "Teyoland proposes a transparent integration of the manufacturer in the creation and distribution process of their products, with a price set on a competitive basis and adjusted to current market needs," said Ignacio Tello. "This is one of the major factor that make a difference Teyoland over other foreign brands on the market," he noted. "The market determines the final price of the product and Teyoland collaborates with the manufacturer in the design and production process, generating cost savings for both the manufacturer and the final consumer," said Mr. Tello. To do this, the flag has established a strategic partnership with a network of over 300 authorized Spanish suppliers involving a turnover of 6,000 million euros and provide 7500 jobs. Commitment to design 'Made in Spain' Under these parameters, the design 'Made in Spain' becomes a Teyoland key differentiator. As explained by Francesc Rife, creative director of the brand, "95% of suppliers are Spanish manufacturers of the sectors represented in the Teyoland showcase, 80% of this product will be manufactured in Spain and 100% design emerged from Teyoland creative team will be manufactured by the Spanish network of providers. " An innovative store On an exhibition area of ​​20,000 square meters will recreate different environments in which the visitor can choose different products will be served after in the shipping line. Teyoland Valencia store will be structured in two levels, which correspond to two distinct areas: DIY and garden on the ground floor and decor-home upstairs. In addition, the store will combine its powerful commercial offering with a wide range of training and entertainment, such as day care, pre-technology and DIY workshops, restaurant and a parking space for 1,400 vehicles. Source: Teyoland Visit the Teyoland website
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