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The modern eco design by Lessmore at designjunction 2014 by the hand of E-Side

The UK’s definitive online destination retailer for innovative, modern sustainably designed furniture for the luxury and commercial space, E-Side, will show latest pieces designed by Italian Architect Giorgio Caporaso for Lessmore at designjunction in London. Sinuous iconic modular pieces with sustainable design.

The annual exhibition, which brings together some of the most exciting design talent from all over the world, will see E-Side and Caporaso present the outstanding Lessmore range – a collection of sinuous iconic modular pieces that showcase contemporary luxury sustainable design at its best. The collection is identifiably Caporaso’s signature work, which demonstrates his love affair with marrying honeycombed cardboard with natural materials like wood, stone and lichens – materials he combines to create a curious exploration of visual and tactile textures.

While Caporaso’s Lessmore designs demonstrate how these unusual blends of natural materials can work in aesthetic harmony with one another, the simple structural makeup of his work allows elements to be easily and deliberately deconstructed and removed – whether for repairing, recycling or to change the ‘skin’ of the furniture to follow mood or the latest design trend.

E-Side and Giorgio Caporaso at designjunction in London (18 - 21 September, 2014) Stand F75 in 21-23 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1BA

Source: E-Side - Lessmore
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