The Lapse programme, designed by Carlos Tiscar for Inclass, awarded in Gold at the ADCV Awards 2017

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The company from Alicante, Inclass, is in luck, its Lapse seating programme, launched last year has been recognized by the jury of the ADCV (Association of Designers of the Valencian Community) that awarded it with the GOLD Award in the "Contract" category. In the event that took place last June, its designer Carlos Tíscar, collected this important prize adding a new recognition to his career. 
The ADCV grants, every two years, these awards to the best designs in different categories. The main objective of this recognition is to distinguish excellence in the fields of graphic, product and new media designs. The trajectory of the prizes, held during 8 years, endorses it like a reference event within the panorama of the creative industries of the Valencian Community. 
LAPSE is a comprehensive modular programme that transcends the classic concept of waiting area seating. The broad range of elements and accessories available and the special design of the modules allows endless compositions to be configured, transforming waiting areas into collaborative spaces for interaction. Spaces in which to wait or rest, hold meetings or work in a team in a relaxed atmosphere. The collection offers a wide range of seating modules, side units and connectivity accessories that can be combined for adapting to each space. The LAPSE programme stands out for the fluid lines of the different elements and the flat backrests, which are rounded at their base to form original contours in their compositions that allow objects to be placed on them or comfortably drape an arm over them while conversing. The possibilities for customisation, together with an essential and timeless aesthetic, make LAPSE the ideal programme for waiting areas and lounge spaces in public buildings, hotels and offices. 
Source: Inclass 
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