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New hidden outboard motor boat, designed and produced in Barcelona by Ubica for De Antonio Yachts

D23 is a 7 meter lenght tender type boat designed and produced in Barcelona by Ubica designers team for De Antonio Yatchs, ideal for day trips and coastal sailing, as well as a tender for mega yachts or water taxi for resorts, channels and harbor areas of touristic interest. The D23 simple lines and angular shapes make it an elegant boat, unlike most boats, especially of this length. The aesthetics in this case will not conflict with the performance or functionality but rather the opposite. It has been designed especially considering the ergonomics aspects to provide maximum comfort for both the steering and their occupants. The boat performs excellently sailing and even provides comfort above the ordinary sailing at over 30 knots with great stability and grip. Hull and deck are fiberglass and polyester resin made. Deck finished in teak and details in carbon fiber. It’s designed for up to 6 people and offers various seating and deck configuration possibilities very easy to adapt. It has a long list of options for configuring the D23 to each customer's taste so it can be perfectly adapted to the needs and type of navigation of each person. The D23 can have the bow closed with a sundeck or completely clear; it can also come with a low windshield as a baffle or a raised one to provide more protection and you can even opt for a hard top or a removable bimini perfect for those hot summer days. The aft area, which also allows different adaptations, has wide aisles and easy access through the bathing semi-platforms. Other attractions of the D23 are the standard teak, the practical fender-seats or the cover that hides the outboard engine. The boat include also a fenders kit designed with a special shape which allows 2 positions, outside to make the fender function and inside to be used like a cushion to be stand up on the boat during the trip. Its most remarkable innovation aspect is the concept of the engine location. The result is the use of a conventional outboard motor, with a power between the 115HP and 175HP, which that thanks to a wise combination of volumes and proportions of the boat it’s completely hidden. That’s how it offers the familiar advantages of an outboard motor with the aesthetic result of an inboard engine and a better use of the space on deck. Moreover, the cover, which also has strategic holes for the engine ventilation, has the advantage of acting as a sound enclosure reducing the noise that the engine generates. The wide range of colors to choose for the hull and cushions and the great combination of elements to equip the D23 makes that there are no two D23 alike and can be adapted to each person's taste. Source: UBICA Read more news related Ubica published at Infurma Visit the Ubica webiste Visit the De Antonio Yachts website
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