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The 12th Annual Andreu World International Design Contest is underway!

The 12th Annual Andreu World International Design Contest is underway. Throughout the next 10 of September is the deadline for the reception of projects for this year’s contest. This competition becomes an important time each year that brings together the best creations from young designers from around the world. Both students and professionals from the world of design can participate with the objective of creating a chair or table. In each of the pieces submitted, innovating contributions will be valued such as the design, quality, technology and the manufacturing process. The contest consists of a first prize of 3.000 euros and a second prize of 1.000 euros which a constituted jury of design and creation professionals will award. Similarly, they will award four special mentions to the best creations.

Winners at 2011 Edition

On the web page the participants can find the rules of participation and the briefing information which includes the specifications they should use to complete their presented package. Also, they can find tips on how to participate and resolve concerns through the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on the website. Registration can be done via the menu "registration" of the web, free of charge. All participants can request as many "participant numbers" as they want to present. In addition they can also submit nominations for groups.

Special Mention at 2011 Edition

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