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The “10 Years of Nude” exhibition is transferred to the Vienna Design Week

This Feria Hábitat Valencia exhibit opens its doors to the public today, September 28, in the Künstlerhaus building in the Austrian capital. After being in Milan, Spanish design now travels to Vienna in the form of nude, Feria Hábitat Valencia’s young creators hall. This exhibit will be on show in the Künstlerhaus building, one of the architectural references in the city centre, and visitors can see it from 28th September to 7th October. So “10 years of nude” is to form part of the various activities scheduled during the Vienna Design Week, as occurred in April in Milan, where Spanish genius was the centre of attention at the Cervantes Institute’s building in this Italian city. This exhibit will display the products of fourteen studios, all of which have participated in some nude edition and are today successful professionals, these being Alegre Industrial Studio, Borja García, CuldeSac, Enblanc, Estudi{H}ac, Héctor Serrano, Herme & Mónica, Luis Eslava, Miguel Herranz, Nadadora, Nieves Contreras, Odosdesign, Stone Design and Yonoh. They have all been selected by the exhibit as representatives of the more than 400 participants in nude in its first decade of history. These studios, along with their producers, are leading design firms in all the habitat domains, and are the leading figures in this Feria Hábitat Valencia project. There are firms like Abr, Actiu, Almerich, Anperbar, Arlex, Arturo Álvarez, B.lux, Celda, Do+Ce, Expormin, Fambuena, Gandía Blasco, Koo Internacional, La Meditarránea, Lladró, Luzifer, Nasu 303, Omami, Punto Mobles, RS Barcelona, Sagen Ceramics, Sancal, Systemtronic, Un4verde, Vondom or Ziru, which have been fuelled by young designers emerging from nude throughout this exhibit’s history. The “10 years of nude” exhibit will open its doors to the public on Friday 28th September at 18:00 h when the official opening ceremony of the exhibit will take place.  Source: nude Read more news related nude published at Infurma Read more news related Feria Habitat Valencia published at Infurma Visit the website Visit the Feria Habitat Valencia website
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