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Tamassociati, example of social and sustainable architecture in Africa with European design internationally awarded

The Tamassociati designers’ team recently achieved global acknowledgements for their innovative works: these include the IUS-Capocchin Award for building the world’s most sustainable children’s hospital; the Curry Stone Design Prize for the best Social Design implementations in Africa, and the much coveted Aga Khan Award for Architecture for the conception, the shared construction, and the eco-social impact of the Salam hospital in Sudan.

Acknowledged as the promoter of an innovative aesthetic language and a new labour organization founded on the best possible combination between available resources and end results (low cost-high value), the Tamassociati team is currently engaged in other big projects. These projects are implemented wherever the authorities and the people express an urgent social need for change and for responsible and sustainable growth through civil infrastructures and buildings.

UGANDA: joining Mira Nair at the Maisha Film Garden The design of the NGO Maisha in Uganda has started upon initiative of movie director Mira Nair to promote cinema in the African continent. The Maisha Film Garden, built using local labour and materials, will stand on a hill near Kampala, overlooking Lake Victoria, and will host to a filmmakers’ school and a public park. The neighbourhood of the Maisha Film Lab headquarters will include an outdoor movie theatre, training venues, and artistic routes. SENEGAL: Africa’s eco-modern proposal The first stage of the shared construction of an eco-village in Senegal is under way. This is a revolutionary step for the Continent, which will result into the construction of a village system with dedicated water resources – with rainwater recovery systems – and power supplies – with photovoltaic panels – and fitted with a shared vegetable garden for fruit and vegetable production. The project in Senegal – the African way towards ecology – is a new option for a new approach to modernity requested by the Continent, focused on combining self-management, traditions, the landscape, and the social texture with the opportunities provided by the best international design. AFGHANISTAN: hospital efficiency enhancement and expansion Tamassociati will refurbish and improve the energetic and technological efficiency of the Emergency hospital in Kabul, and will build a new groundbreaking surgery unit based on the best possible design excellence and low-cost criteria in a context of on-going war. In ITALY, two major co-housing works will be delivered in summer 2014. These are already the subject of international case studies.

UIA nominee to the Vassilis Sgoutas Prize (for architecture serving the most impoverished and for the conception of inventive solutions for reducing poverty and indigence), competing for the Holcim (International Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction), and finalist at the Zumtobel Group Award (Innovations for Sustainability and Humanity in the Built Environment). Source: Tamassociati
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