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Successful shelving Tria by Mobles 114 now with a colorful vision for younger audiences

Thanks to the shelving TRIA kids & teens by Mobles 114, you can change a children's room into a practical and adaptable space, perfect to different stages of childhood and adolescence. Preserving its original lines, TRIA kids & teens adds a new range of colors to give a more cheerful look to that room. TRIA will withstand the test of time from toy storage to books, school supplies and hobbie storage. An open concept design, adaptable to every need: drawers, tables, larger containers, hangers. A place for everything and everything in the right place: visible or hidden. Colors available: green, orange, ocher, white and gray. Source: Mobles114 Read more news related Mobles 114 published at Infurma Visit the Mobles 114 website
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