Spring comes to Gufram with Bloom by Marcel Wanders

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It's a flowering island inside the home, soft and welcoming domestic sculptures for rest and relaxation. Bloom, the first soft flower by Marcel Wanders, is the new Gufram icon that forces us to reconsider our visual and tactile habits. 
Bloom fully represents the dreamlike, ironic and "out-of-the-box" spirit of Gufram– the brand that has transformed the Italian radical design into an international movement. This flower shaped seat escapes any typological classification and enriches that section of Gufram's catalogue which sees in Nature an inexhaustible source of inspiration. 
The ongoing exchange between design and art makes each interior design object by Gufram a unique piece: Bloom is produced by injecting polyurethane foam in a mould which was specially created by a sculptor; each piece is then finished by hand by expert artisans and later painted – blue, yellow, orange or green – with a slow process of dripping tone on tone that gives colour a vibrant and vivid look. 
The comfort provided by the softness of polyurethane is guaranteed by the use of Guflac, the special paint which makes polyurethane foam look like leather, while maintaining its flexibility and making unique aesthetical divertissements possible. 
Bloom has a graceful and natural shape; it is a seat that can be used at 360 degrees, helps nurture one's imagination in domestic spaces and is ready to welcome one or more people, thus creating veritable flowering islands of relaxation that escape any classification. This new life form invades the rooms of the house in harmony and radically changes the concept of ownership and enjoyment of nature. 
Source: Gufram 
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