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Sonar, the new upholstered acoustic movable separator designed by Héctor Diego for delaOliva

Sonar is a upholstered acoustic movable separator designed specifically for separation of areas with different environments (multipurpose rooms, offices, restaurants, showrooms, hotels, etc.) within the same room. Designed by Héctor Diego for the Spanish company delaOliva, Sonar, will be exhibited at next Orgatec Cologne show (21-25 October 2014).

It obtain significant reductions of ambient noise due to the partial absorption of the direct reflections that are received on the screen. The screen consists of a metal perimeter frame attached to a base that provides stability while that enables and facilitates movement of product. The interior is upholstered in different colors to choose from. Giving the possibility to create interesting combinations between the structure and the upholstery, matching the rest of the furniture that makes up the office.

VERSATILITY The product features easy movement allowing rapid distribution of space in response to the current office needs. This enables the creation of spaces quickly and easily. ROBUST Stable, sturdy without giving up the special care of his aesthetic. RECYCLED MATERIALS DelaOliva environmental policy opts to use recycled materials in those components that do not constrain the operation and durability of our products manufactured. The materials used in the manufacture the screen as Steel and Wood are fully recyclable after its successful separation. ECOLOGY The incorporation of technological production systems to minimize energy resources used for the manufacture of each component. It has also achieved a maximum utilization of materials to eliminate waste and minimize waste generation. FINISHES Area and perimeter basis manufactured in steel plate and tube, respectively, painted in colors epoxy resins black, white and other. Tapestries to choose from delaOliva sampler that offers a wide range of acoustic fabrics.

Sonar can be seen at the delaOliva booth (Hall 6.1 Stand C-040) during the celebration of Orgatec show in Cologne, Germany (21-25/10/2014)

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