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SOLTRONIC by Ramon Soler. Design and technology come together in this bath taps

To see water fall onto our hands, without having to touch levers, is a luxury which we can have by installing the SOLTRONIC electronic tap by Ramon Soler. It is a high technology tap which combines functionality and hygene in our bathrooms, as well as being good value for Money as all Ramon Soler products. This model presents a stylised design having a clean rounded tube, which does not encroach with our other bathroom accessories. The SOLTRONIC 8101 is powered by four 1.5V batteries and an infra red sensor, which allows a great deal of water saving as the tap automatically shuts off after use. The possibility of fixing the water temperature iat a maximum of 60ºC permits its use in public facilities and in households where there are children present. Ramon Soler  offers us this electronic tap with a good flow rate, efficient and sustainable which can cover all of our needs without wasting precious water. Source: Ramon Soler Read more news related Ramon Soler published at Infuma Visit the Ramon Soler website Visit the Ramon Soler sheet at Infurma
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