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Solid, a mirror made in blown glass and metallic covering. A design by Diego Vencato & Marco Merendi for Agape

Inspired by the idea of a drop of metal on the wall, Solid is a round mirror with frame in blown glass, treated with the industrial process of “metal coating” that makes the surface at the same time reflecting and translucent. This bath accessory has been designed by Diego Vencato & Marco Merendi for Italian company Agape.

Switched on, the illumination integrated in the frame becomes visible and diffuses its rays of light in the room, whereas switched off the mirror keeps a perfect reflecting surface. Available also in a version without light. Dimensions: ø 60 x P 12 cm - ø 23" 5/8 x P 4" 3/4

Two stages in the glass blowing. Solid starts to take shape. The air is forced through a pipe into a “drop” of molten glass. The method has remained unchanged through the centuries. Here the red hot glass is turned, then worked by expert hands before it cools. As almost all stages of glass blowing are the result of the expert’s creativity and the temperature of the vitreous paste, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

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