Soleil by Josep Turell for Mobenia. A collection for contemporary domestic spaces which shying away from conventionalisms

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Soleil is a versatile modular system designed by Josep Turell for Mobenia which can be personalized and adapted to different aesthetic and functional needs. This idea is based on the concept of adaptation whilst solving the most demanding quality and design requirements. 
With a solid base block comprising a range of different open and closed units, there are 7 original ideas with one aim; to make the user have some kind of emotional reaction. This ambitious idea focuses on references from the art world and nature, by reinterpreting concepts which are as suggestive as the fervor of Russian Contructivism, the balance in proportions of Neoplasticism or the chaos contained in many natural structures. 
Soleil therefore, is a new concept based on originality which is oriented towards new, contemporary domestic spaces shying away from conventionalisms in search of uniqueness by being different. 
Just as if this was a work of neoplasticism, Theo plays with chaos through intersecting lines within a Cartesian system. 
Its modular structure gives rise to interesting aesthetic compositions which vary perceptively depending on their arrangement, in this way you can decide on the final composition to suit your taste. 
The most efficient way to cover a flat area with geometric shapes, otherwise known as tessellation, is by using hexagons, as they have the smallest perimeter. 
This basic law of geometry, intuitively adopted by bees is the basis for Mel; a visually suggestive piece which creates attractive vertical graphic patterns which can be in various finishes. 
Slide is an open bookcase where you can partially conceal whatever you choose to place there. A dynamic piece with a flat sliding front, which apart from giving access to its contents, changes the appearance of the unit depending on its position. 
Slide is a harmonious, functional piece, which lets your imagination run wild thanks to the subsections (front structure) and the huge amount of available finishes. 
Manlio was inspired by Works of art by painter Manlio Rho; an important leader of the abstract movement in the twenties who was clearly influenced by Kandinsky and Malevich. 
Dynamic, forceful and balanced, this piece has lots of personality and enhances any room with its uniqueness. 
Platz comprises different, organized, intersecting planes; an original shelf, which can be perceived in a different way depending on how you look at it. 
Platz is functional and can be arranged in the way you want on a wall. A dynamic solution which has endless composition possibilities, so that you can easily put your own mark on it. 
Kure is more than a simple bookcase, it is a system which can be personalized enormously, changing from a light composition with fewer pieces to larger structures which can all be combined with open and closed areas. 
Inspired by a modern vision of habitats, Kure aims to differ from predetermined ideas and antiquated connotations by offering a new, fresh, dynamic concept in the living room. 
The abstract geometry of Piet Mondrian is the basis of this suggestive screen which acts as a genuine functional work of art within a room. 
The delicate tension of vertical and horizontal planes creates a harmonic balance based on meticulous attention to proportions. This shows a unique graphic design which gives character and personality to its surroundings whenever it is included. 
Source: Mobenia 
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