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Soft shapes in Cumulus sofa of Mitab. Designed by Jonas Wagell

Swedish company Mitab develops products with a unique and special theme. Products where form and function is used to create something new and unusual, but with functions and use that are intuitively obvious. Cumulus, designed by Jonas Wagell, brings the comfort and generous feeling of a domestic sofa together with the functional and technical qualities needed to meet the demands of restaurants, hotels and lounge environments. For practical reasons furniture for public spaces often have a strict, austere form to allow for easy cleaning and upright seating position, rather than a laid-back, relaxed and comfortable one. Cumulus, with its inviting shapes and aesthetic refinement has created a new genre in which the aesthetic and playful design is combined with the functional requirements. Cumulus can be ordered in different configurations and sizes to meet different environments and interior’s needs. The series consists of four modules, one seater, two seater, corner and end seat with armrest. Pillows in two sizes are available as options. Visit the Mitab website Visit the Jonas Wagell website
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