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Skyline, the versatile screen designed by estudi{H}ac for Samoa Design brand

The Design Studio estudi{H}ac, created in 2003 by Jose Manuel Ferrero, has designed for Samoa Design company, a Screens family inspired by the geometry and verticality of New York Skylines. The product responds to a new space creation necessity, either way it is indoor or outdoor.

The creation of barriers and static boundaries do not let the atmospheres breathe and the air and light flow. These points have been determinant in order to develop this new element. When designing Skyline, we strength the idea of letting the light pass through a surface. Thanks to the strips position, it is possible to see through depending on the angle vision.

The aim was to create an aesthetically light and pure element that could be introduced in any sort of atmosphere, integrating with the environment depending on the finishes and colours. It combines the steel bottom with the aluminium strips, available in different heights; it allows you to create your own compositions.

The light will create a surprise effect, due to the fact that as the light passes through the strips; a double division effect is created, combining shadow and light lines.

Source: estudi{H}ac Visit the estudi{H}ac website Visit the Samoa Design website
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