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SieMatic presents the new programs SE 3003 R and S2-R. Timeless elegance in the kitchen

On the occasion of the SieMatic Forum 2014, hold from 13-18 September at cthe company headquarters in Löhne, Germany, SieMatic showcased two new kitchen programs, SE 3003 R and S2-R, with elegant frame fronts in aluminum, wood and matte finishes as well as the MultiMatic Aluminum interior fitting system in a completely new brand identity.

The newly developed panels, which have stylishly narrow 6.5 mm frames, are a modern extension of the existing range of puristically designed kitchen cabinets from SieMatic, with and without handles. A carefully coordinated selection of various combinations of materials allows for a variety of design concepts, ranging from cool and high-tech to warm and homey. The new design language is simply inspiring, thanks to the exceptional materials and colors used. To this end, metallic materials in gold bronze, nickel and black matt have been added to the portfolio. Available with gloss, silk gloss or brushed matt surfaces, these materials create intriguing contrasts between cabinet door frames and center panels. The new materials are available in fresh and elegant shades (titanium white, muscat and umbra), in all matt colors of the SieMatic ColorSystem, and in 1,950 special shades. The SE 3003 R and S2-R framed front panels, which are available in three different wood tones (sand oak, matt black oak and walnut), are warm and natural in appearance.

Two beautifully shaped handle variants with distinct styles have been developed for the SieMatic SE 3003 R. Whereas one narrow handle underscores the delicate aesthetics of SieMatic cabinets, the other creates appealing contrast. Both styles are available in the metal-frame look, and the narrow variants are also available in the 11 shades of the SieMatic ColorSystem. New glass cabinets are particularly individual and differentiated design elements, with vertical slats in the three new SieMatic metallic colors, to match the center panels of the metal frame doors. Their unique aesthetic appeal creates attractive accents that can be combined in a variety of ways for more flexibility in kitchen planning.

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