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Shanty, the new piece of BD’s collection of “cabinets” designed by Doshi Levien

A new piece added to BD’s collection of “cabinets”. A typology of furniture which was lost toward the end of the last century and which BD, in the last few years has wanted to regain with the same purposeful functionality of a container, but with different character. Novelty presented at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2014. Very few pieces allow for interventions with so much personality without depleting the function, with which they have been created for. These convert into sculptures in a dining room or in a hotel lobby. Its collection grows with the arrival of a new cabinet by Doshi Levien —designer Nipa Doshi, born in Mumbai, and Jonathan Levien of Scottish descent—, who within a short space of time have converted into one of the most unique and attractive, creative couples on the international scene. This is the second design for BD after the charming Chandlo. Named Shanty, is imagined as a patchwork of corrugated surfaces referencing improvised dwellings across the world, from Brazil to Africa and India. The cabinet collection celebrates the beauty of these seemingly temporary constructions. The corrugated façade appears to be a spontaneous composition of different coloured surfaces, disguising a rational and carefully considered volume of storage. The body is asymmetric and every door opens in a distinct way. The collection has different versions and finishes. Shanty Summer and Shanty Winter, more or less colourful, Shanty Black with brass finished legs and other versions in monocolor. The cabinet can be accessorized with a new mirror system that allows for different compositions. Gardenias Indoor by Jaime Hayon Read more about Jaime Hayon published at Infurma During the Milan Design Week, BD also introduces the indoor version of its Gardenias collection, designed by Jaime Hayon. Jaime Hayon continues to be one of the most celebrated Spanish designers on the international stage. When in 2006 BD decided to bet on his talent with the successful Showtime Collection, Jaime still was an emerging talent with an artistic profile out of the ordinary. His style has been refined over the years. Gardenias is his second collection for BD and it features the same virtues as the first: quality, personality, elegance, the right dose of romanticism and versatility for home and contract use. The collection is divided into outdoor, which is conceived to bring back the classic elegance for garden furniture at a contemporary production; and the indoor designs which BD now introduces. The new armchair and sofa with refined imagery, carry distinctly Hayon’s identity stylish forms, brilliant finishes and eye-catching comfortability. The upholstery draws special incorporating fine velvet fabrics, but also available with BD’s current materials and leathers. The newer finish enhances the sophisticated style of the Madrid-creator. The colours have been conceived to reach the highest level of elegance, which have a name of their own: Blue Royale, Red Ming, Green Versailles and Black Edo.


Information & images by courtesy of BD Read more news related BD Barcelona Design published at Infurma Visit the BD Barcelona Design website
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