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Second Solo Houses villa designed by Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen. Modern architecture in Matarranya

The second Solo Houses villa is in construction, the project developed by Christian Bourdais in the Matarranya region. Solo Office, designed by Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen complete its work by the end of 2014: a ring-shaped roof that is as thin as possible, simply flooded by the light and landscape in a unique experiment with the surroundings. Open to the public and tour of the project site from 9th to 11th October. To reinvent the vacation home, completely review the conventions of a second home, starting off literally with virgin territory, a vast wilderness in the Matarranya region, 200 km south of Barcelona, and figuratively, with this new generation updating the history of architecture daily,’ is the intention of Christian Bourdais, developer of Solo Houses. ‘In SOLO OFFICE our aim was to see how far you can diverge from the preconceived idea of a ‘house’ and still create a comfortable place to live in; to produce a house that virtually disappears into its environment. The chosen context was ideal for this endeavour, as it is extraordinary and imposing. 

The very idea of inhabiting the site seems to us an exercise in creating a ‘house’ that is as little house-like as possible, to live in tune with the splendour of the natural environment, without constraints or boundaries between the ‘house’ and the surrounding nature,’ summarise the founding duo of the Belgian agency Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen. The Solo Houses collection of vacation homes, launched in 2011 by Christian Bourdais, has been enhanced by its second unique home. “Solo Office is a rare project that exceeds the customary framework of a holiday home, it symbolises the extraordinary dimension of the carte blanche given to emerging radical global architectural firms” explains Christian Bourdais. The young French developer and curator signed the contract for this collection’s first opus with the duo Maurizio Pezo and Sofia Von Ellrichshausen to design Solo Pezo (photo above). "It’s a way of designing and selling architecture like contemporary art. However, the prices are not and will not be extortionate. The collection will comprise a dozen houses that will not exceed 1.5 million euros” summarises Christian Bourdais. An architectural approach at odds that reconciles radicalism and comfort for the new owners since Solo provides a daily wrap-around service: maintenance of machines and swimming pool; preparation of the house; catering…For holidays providing the standard of a hotel or almost, but with the added pleasure of living at home.

Open to the public and Solo House site visit 9/10/11 October 2014 Appointments: SOLO HOUSES -

Source: Solo Houses

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