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Santiago Sevillano brings Spanish design to Beijing Design Week thanks both to a Chinese and a Spanish company, reflecting the relationship between those cultures

The Valencian studio Santiago Sevillano Industrial Design shows his last bed projects for Chinese company HC28 at the "It's Beijing Time"exhibition, during Beijing's International Design Week. The exhibition dealing with the East – West dialectics from the point of view of everyday activities.

As part of the activities of the Beijing Design Week, Interior Design and Furniture Today magazines, in their Chinese editions, have organized an exhibition under the theme "DONG • XI (East • West)" which aims to be a showcase of international design. From 26 September to 3 October, in an over 500 square meters venue, the exhibition will try to reflect the cultural differences in daily life, treatment of space, and product design between East and West. By placing under the same roof products from diverse places, distributed by areas according to the various activities that take place throughout the day, the organizers of the exhibition, entitled "It's Beijing Time", look for cultural differences to collide so that visitors can reflect on the various ways of dealing with everyday needs that the design aims to address in different countries. Side by side with German, English, Italian, and other European products, the Spanish representation shall be carried out by the Valencian studio Santiago Sevillano Industrial Design, along with other Spanish companies such as Sancal and VONDOM. Santiago Sevillano’s studio will participate in two different areas of the exhibition. On one side he will be present, in collaboration with Spanish ICEX in China, by means of some of his designs for Spanish lighting company Mantra, of growing international presence. These designs are now part of the furniture of the Embassy of Spain in China, which has kindly lent them for the exhibition. On the other, Santiago Sevillano’s studio will also present their latest bed projects (DIAMOND and BEAR models) for the Chinese company HC28 Furniture. The studio is part of the new wave of Spanish designers who have gone from designing for companies that manufacture in China to do the same also for the companies on that country, which really appreciate European design. The beds that are to be exposed are part of two separate collections of seating and relax elements that were presented in the last Shanghai Furniture Fair, and are complemented by the coffee table BOREAS, also presented on this occasion, but not in the current exhibition.

According to the studio manager, "attending the Beijing Design Week is an honor. It was very helpful to participate in the conference organized by the China Furniture Association last year thanks to the Spanish ICEX help, and up until now it keeps being a very positive experience for us to collaborate with Chinese companies. We're learning a lot from each other and the result is really nice. I seriously think that companies in this country are very aware of the need for product development as well as that of maintaining long-term relationships." HC28 Furniture Company, founded in 2006, began distributing French contemporary furniture brands in China, but over time have gone on to produce their own products and work with designers from diverse backgrounds. Today it is one of the Chinese furniture enterprises with a better projection in the contract sector, but also among individual users, succeeding in creating designs that combine European sensibility with details derived from Chinese tradition. Source: Santiago Sevillano Industrial Design
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