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Sanserif Creatius expands “Bold” family with a footrest inspired in letter “o”

A well as the Bold seat, which was one of the decoration pieces of the Big Brother house in Telecinco TV, the footrest "O" will also be part of the image of a television program; Ocupat, the last production of Channel 9, a program that will address entrepreneurship, innovation and employment before the first edition of the regional news. This stool -or footrest- have been made entirely of recycled corrugated cardboard and using a low impact manufacturing process, in which have been integrated Employment Centres (EEC) of Valencia and Madrid, with the aim of reinforcing the values of this piece of furniture; respect with the environment and the promotion of social and labor integration. Furthermore, "O" footrest have been designed for the new spaces that are committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, as has indicated the Sanserif creative director, Ana Yago; "Now, people bets for move to the home and office different items, accessories and materials inherited from the industrial world". We try to mix this new way to understand habitat with our philosophy and point of view looking for new proposals. Typography, comics, folklore, or simply observing the environment are the main inspiration, but always learning about the soul of the object or the reference, because we want to develop pieces of furniture and objects with soul. Bold was the first piece of this new way to understand habitat. An experiment that finally have inspired a whole collection of pieces that are trying to reinvent the home under ecological parameters -and focusing in social education for kids-, from grandfather clocks to wall frames for projections, so it was necessary to keep the evolution with a new complement that improves Bold seats collection. And that's "O" footrest. In fact, after serving their original function, presented in its natural color as a clear example of the sustainability of a material like cardboard, the Bold collection evolved with hair, later discovered his feminine side, and now "o" footrest follows the same path. Read more news related Sanserif Creatius published at Infurma Visit the Sanserif Creatius website
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