Sand and Altea Blue, trend colors with Mediterranean Tones by Viccarbe

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Despite the increasingly important role of digital media and cutting edge virtual reality, the physical world around us still exerts a primordial influence on our lives. Light and colour continue to define its materiality, tracing and rendering the objects and environments that surround us. Ace_Wood_by_Viccarbe_sand_and_blue_03The contemporary furniture manufacturer Viccarbe understands the power of colour as a design tool to communicate sensation and emotion, two essential ingredients within all of their collections. The technology behind its colour palette is in constant evolution and expresses the very essence of the Mediterranean, its intensity and optimism, the joie de vivre of its people.

Maarten chair collection by Víctor Carrasco


Wrapp by Marc Krusin and side tables Ryutaro by Víctor Carrasco


Berry sofa by Studio VCCB

Viccarbe’s offices and manufacturing headquarters are located in the Spanish region of Valencia, on the Mediterranean coast, an uninterrupted landscape whose elongated horizon provides inspiration for its contemporary spirit and pure aesthetic. An environment dominated by the reassuring and calm tones of nature, never-ending beaches and crystalline waters, reflective sands and enveloping blues. These are the re-occurring tonal hues captured in Viccarbe’s collections, neutral beige and a Mediterranean blue named after the nearby Altea beach, Sand and Altea Blue.

Maarten chair & table collection by Víctor Carrasco


Colubi armchair by RTdesign

Colours born of the natural world, colours of the summer and the winter, colours that transmit serenity and warm familiarity, whether it be for collections of chairs such as KLIP or MAARTEN, equally appropriate for office, home or contract use; laid back lounge seating furniture collections such as WRAPP, ACE WOOD or COLUBI; furniture accessories such as the RYUTARO side table; or statement sofas such as BERRY. Source: Viccarbe Top image: Ace Wood seating collection by Jean-Marie Massaud Read more news related Viccarbe published at Infurma Visit the Viccarbe website
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