Salines, Mediterranean style in the new container system designed by edeestudio for Neomo

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Tradition, natural elements, craftsmanship, Mediterranean construction, blue color,  ... is the basis of these storage furniture that evoke the cabinets of yesteryear. 
Salines is the name of this set of diaphanous dressers, made from a simple grid system of iron where to place the multiple accessories, made in natural wood, to give personality and functionality to each piece. 
One of the characteristic elements of this piece of furniture is the use of the wicker grid in the sliding door as a decorative element that brings artisan work to the pieces. 
Several measures in high and long, wide or narrow doors, elongated shelves, in the form of a tray, drawers, containers... SALINES make a different piece of furniture. 
Versatile furniture, useful both in private housing and perfectly adapted to the needs of hotel facilities, hotels, offices,... approving a fresh and innovative design. 
NEOMO, a brand belonging to the COIM S.C.V. group 
Neomo began in the year 1990, being pioneer in the development of contract projects with a contemporary style. Neomo’s designs have always provided a new perspective for decoration and new architectural spaces. Neomo from its beginnings, has as a source of inspiration the Mediterranean culture. The materials, crafts and know-how of our culture are present in our products. Neomo is backed by the COIM C.V. group, who has been manufacturing furniture of quality sinc the year 1965 and distributing them around the world. 
8000m2 of facilities, equipped with the most modern machinery in the manufacture of quality furniture. Artistic processes like the finishes characterize the NEOMO furniture. 
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