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Sail chair, designed by Piergiorgio & Michele Cazzaniga for Andreu World, awarded with “Red Dot” 2012

Andreu World, an international signature of contemporary and avant-garde furniture design, with more than 50 years of experience, has been distinguished with the “Red Dot” 2012 Award for best product design. The seat collection Sail, designed by Piergiorgio & Michele Cazzaniga, was selected between more than 4,500 designers by an integrated jury made up of 30 members. The Red Dot design award is one of the most important design awards in the world. The objective of the award is to emphasize the quality, the design and the innovation in the field of product design at an international level. Since 1955 these awards have recognized designers, manufacturers and has been a mark of great global projection. The jury recognized the extraordinary quality of the Sail chair design and its viability to offer solutions of innovative products. Sail is a lightweight and comfortable chair that is available in different versions: polypropylene and fiberglass, upholstered in different textiles or cuero leather or with a back made of oak plywood. The polypropylene version has a great ability to stack and is valid outdoors. As with a sail, this design adapts to its forms to offer maximum lightness and comfort in a range of attractive and contemporary colors. Sail tends to reach the right shape in order to receive the body in a comfortable way. In this piece, technology is pushed to the extremes to obtain this very light but very strong chair without anything more its requirement of beauty. This collection has been designed under the criteria in respect to the environment, using 100% recyclable materials during manufacturing. It’s solidity, durability and strength has been accredited with most demanding international standards. It has the maximum certifications of ISO and BIFMA. Additionally, the Sail collection has been prized with other awards such as “Best of Neo Con” that was received in the United States last year. Read more news related Andreu World published at Infurma Visit the Andreu World website Visit the Red Dot Design Awards website Visit the Andreu World sheet at Infurma
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