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RS Barcelona presents You and Me: a table tennis table, a dining table, a desk, a conference table…

RS Barcelona presents a new concept of table tennis table designed by Antoni Pallejà Office. Above all, You and Me is a table tennis table. It is regulation size, with a surface, a design and a structure that enables full playability, just like a professional. But You and Me is much more... Following the philosophy of RS Barcelona products (versatile pieces which let you make really good use of them) You and Me is also a large dining table, a desk, a conference table just right for boardrooms, or whatever you want it to be. It is designed to fit around your needs.
Converting the table tennis table into… well, a table, is as easy as removing the net and storing it in the side drawer. Thus, all the sportiness that it gets from the net, the paddles and the balls is tucked away, out of sight. Play + Design Have you ever seen a table tennis table quite like it? Just like RS did eight years ago with the football table, You and Me is a new reinterpretation of a classic. Once again, RS Barcelona have achieved a perfect blend between play and design. The two link hands resulting in a fully playable table tennis table and an innovative design that allows you to take the table tennis from the game room or garage and put it in the dining room, in the living room, in the office or even in the garden or on the porch. That's right, because You and Me is also for outdoors. The designers You and Me has been designed by Antoni Pallejà Office (A.P.O.), a studio located in Barcelona under the creative direction of designers Antoni Pallejà and Júlia Polbach. For more information on the designer, please visit the A. P. O. site. Source: RS Barcelona Read more news related RS Barcelona published at Infurma Visit the RS Barcelona website
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