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Ro™ easy chair designed by Jaime Hayón for Fritz Hansen, is available in the market

In April this year, Fritz Hansen launched Ro in Milan. This design, created by Spaniard Jaime Hayón, it has been one of the most successful introductions of an easy chair that Fritz Hansen has ever experienced. Now Ro is finally available in the market, and a leather version and a new foot stool are on the way. Time for reflection is a luxury in today’s world. We all have busy schedules, and it is a challenge to find a moment for some quiet contemplation. Ro springs from a desire to create a piece of furniture that offers a space for reflection in our busy, urban lives. The new foot stool will help you settle in and relax when you sit in the easy chair. The design of Ro and the foot stool is elegant, poetic and simple. It is pleasing to both the eye and the body and offers a promise of tranquility, both in its visual expression and in the comfortable space it provides. The Ro chair and foot stool are softly sculpted and without sharp edges or rough surfaces - inviting you to sit down and relax. Fritz Hansen’s new easy chair Ro is a place where you can pull back, comfortably shielded from the hustle and bustle. Now Ro is joined by a foot stool, which makes the experience even more complete. The foot stool can be used with the easy chair or as an occasional extra seat. The footstool is a natural extension of the easy chair. But while the chair has a somewhat flamboyant expression, the foot stool has a more subdued expression,” says Christian Grosen Rasmussen, head of design. The great success with Ro has led to a natural extension of the collection. In addition to the foot stool, Ro will be available in a leather version in early 2014. The leather version of Ro has the exclusive and elegant expression of a traditional and classical design that aged with beauty. The foot stool is available from the beginning of 2014 in nine colours: three traditional options (black, light grey and taupe), three bright colours (violet, blue and yellow) and three soft colours (light pink, sage-green and sand). For a more vibrant look, the foot stool features two different textures to match the contrasted expression of the hard shell and the warm and soft interior in the design of the easy chair. With textile upholstery, the foot stool will cost approximately 650 EUR exclusive of VAT. The price of the chair with textile upholstery is 1.941 EUR exclusive of VAT, while Ro in elegance leather is approximately 5.900 EUR exclusive of VAT. Source: Republic of Fritz Hansen™ Visit the Republic of Fritz Hansen™ website Visit the Jaime Hayon website Read more news related Fritz Hansen published at Infurma Read more news related Jaime Hayon published at Infurma
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