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Recognition of POLI by Albed. An innovative system of modular paneling designed by Brian Sironi

POLI is among the best Italian design projects chosen by the ADI Design Index 2013 and preselected for the next Compasso d' Oro ADI. The project consists in an innovative system of modular paneling designed by Brian Sironi for ALBED. "The POLI system can easily adapt to any wall space, even in the presence of openings as for example doors, windows, chimneys, etc., without the need to resort to customised elements. The system of fixing to the wall is based on a series of visible uprights that can be placed at different distances between them (20-30-45-60-90-120-150 cm) and enhance the irregularities of the whole, creating a variable and dynamic compositional theme with its own personality. The wall can then be supplied with different elements like shelves, containers, lights and open spaces." POLI can be transformed into a bookcase and shelving for the daily function as well as into a walk-in closet for the bedroom. Many functions in only one system: technology and simplicity match to offer an innovative solution,  which can easily adapt to any environment. Source: Albed Read more news related Albed published at Infurma Visit the ALBED website
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