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Ramon Soler’s ULTRASLIM: a great showerhead with only a 2 mm thickness

With the Ramon Soler ULTRASLIM head, we can offer a shower of the lastest design characteristics which is absolutely innovative. Apart from being in the category of XXL showerheads, it has a very thin 2mm thickness and is  built in stainless steel. Ramon Soler’s ULTRASLIM is presented in two formats, being square and round and is available in different sizes which can easily adapt to our necesities. ULTRASLIM also has en anti-limescale system incorporated. This extra thin showerhead has been designed so that we can bask under a fine water spray and enjoy the confort of an extraordinary shower. Ramon Soler’s ULTRASLIM is up to date with tendencies in having a minimalistic design and thin purist lines.   You can enjoy this marvellous piece of artwork in your bathroom and it can be hung from the ceiling or wall mounted allowing greater flexibility. Having Ramon Soler’s  ULTRASLIM in your bathroom you have the perfect addition to this space  which allows us great harmony and wellbeing. Source: Ramon Soler Read more news related Ramon Soler published at Infuma Visit the Ramon Soler website Visit the Ramon Soler sheet at Infurma
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