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“Rabbit & The Tortoise” collection designed by Juju Design Studio for Living Divani

Seven tables, each a different shape and size, to be arranged so as to create flow within their space, making for constantly new ways of interacting, an experimental experience to be shared with the people who sit around the curves and use them in their everyday life. Thus is the "Rabbit & The Tortoise" collection designed by Juju Studio for Living Divani. While the Rabbit model is shaped like a little bunny face, with two long ears pointing upwards, the cute Tortoise model depicts a head and shell, and the three Round tables A, B, C and two Long tables A and B, with different heights and dimensions, complete the range, offering a vast array of possible configurations... Read more news related Living Divani published at Infurma Visit the Living Divani website Visit the Living Divani sheet at Infurma Visit the Juju Design Studio website
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