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PRIVACY unit with Wood white texture by Capo d’Opera. Design by Alessio Bassan

Two big-drawer cabinet executed in a new version of brushed fir-wood. White on lacquered white metal base. This is the last of Privacy collection by Capo d'Opera company, designed by Alessio Bassan. Regular shapes and geometric workmanship, precise in every detail even in terms of lacquering, turn Privacy into an element that single-handedly furnishes the room, whether it be your living area or sleeping area. The furniture of this collection offers a vast choice of sizes and can be personalised by selecting from the innumerable textures, colours and finishes of the rich "Surfaces collection", a point of strength and manifesto of uniqueness that identifies the Capo d'opera style. Source: Capo d'Opera Read more news related Capo d’Opera published at Infurma Visit the Capo d’Opera website
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