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Plateau lounge chair of Engelbrechts wins Red Dot Award 2011

The Plateau lounge chair, designed by Erik Magnussen and produced by Engelbrechts A/S in Copenhagen won the Red Dot Award in the category Product Design 2011. After a successful first year on the market, the Plateau lounge chair won one of Europe's most prestigious design awards - the 'Red Dot Award 2011'. The Design Award comes in the wake of a small design change to the 120 cm. tall lounge chair. In 2010, the designer Erik Magnussen decided to take the Plateau to a whole new level. By changing the base to a four-star base and streamlining the backrest, the chair’s silhouette is emphasized more, creating a lighter and simpler look. The new base is made of highly polished easy-to-clean aluminium and is available with or without an automatic return swivel. And that translates into a lounge chair that is iconic and simple, yet suitable for the modern age.

Erik Magnussen

  Designing the PLATEAU lounge chair came with one goal: to create a lounge chair that fits our modern age, where work and play converge together. With it’s right armrest forming a “plateau,” it becomes a table for your laptop or coffee cup and a shell that closes in on you, a new swivel base, and a streamlined iconic image, the Plateau not only achieves that goal, it sets a new standard for what every lounge chair should be. A chair for the modern man.
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