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Park Life, the outdoor furniture collection designed by Jasper Morrison for Kettal

Park Life is the outdoor furniture collection designed by Jasper Morrison included by Kettal in its catalog 2013. Jasper Morrison, “This is my first outdoor collection and it has taken some time to get here: about four and a half years! It probably took that long because we needed to discover the right codes for Outdoor Furniture which is a category apart from other types of furniture. It has been an interesting process and we have been through many prototypes to get here but I think the result justifies the effort. Park Life is a complete family of furniture for outdoors, whose clean cut profile is adaptable to a wide range of different situations. Lightweight, yet extremely durable, it’s easily stacked for transport or winter storage and its technical sophistication and careful consideration of ergonomics besides a lot of care over how it looks are all intended to ensure a long life, both structurally and visually. Source: Kettal Read more news related Kettal published at Infurma Visit the Kettal website Visit the Jasper Morrison website Visit the Kettal sheet at Infurma
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